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1337x was started to fill an apparent void; where it seemed there was a lack of quality, conscience, ad free torrent sites with public trackers. We strive to maintain a community atmosphere, with helpful staff who are quick to verify all uploaded content and uploaders. 1337x is run on a network of 6 servers serving the 1337x.org torrent site and 1337x.net community landing.

This .net domain also provides a radio station with a request sytem that is available 24/7 for your pleasure and convenience. Our web based chat system is always filled with a range of users and we have a competitive gaming arcade here

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Currently 18 (semi) active users! (Lurkers and AFK'ers included.)

Need to talk to a Staff member or Moderator quickly? No better place than here- hell; even an Admin is known to wander through every now and then. . .

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Recently redesigned with the community in mind. The more you are active and participate the more hidden boards you will find over time. You all know our policy on rules (we hate them); all we ask is for you to follow some basic forum etiquette- we are not here to censor or ban we are all here to have fun.
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Welcome to the 1337x landing page; from here you can easily jump to any of our services. We are an open community based around the freedoms of information, data and idea exchange. Registeration is fully open to the public; click this link to join the main site, or here to join our active forums and chat.
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